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Homeownership Rate Decreases From Five Years Ago

The homeownership rate has been on a steady decline the last five years, but will that trend continue? The homeownership rate has decreased in the last five years, according to Census Bureau data, and as a result, renting has

5 Ways that Rising Mortgage Rates Have Impacted Consumers

Much has been written about how rising mortgage rates will impact the housing market, but now we have a glimpse at how they’re affecting consumers. The dramatic rise in mortgage rates has been the major story in housing this

CoreLogic: Foreclosure Inventory Down 20 Percent in July

The latest National Foreclosure Report from CoreLogic highlighted a number of positive developments in the nation’s mortgage markets. The nation’s mortgage markets continued to improve in July, according to the latest National Foreclosure Report from CoreLogic, with foreclosure inventory,

The 10 Most Populous Hispanic Communities in the U.S.

The Hispanic population in the U.S. has grown by leaps and bounds, as has its importance on local housing markets; where are Hispanics most concentrated? Hispanics represent a growing part of the U.S. population, and are inarguably the hottest

Census Bureau: Construction Spending Jumps 5.2 Percent in July

Construction spending increased again in July, with residential construction leading the way. Construction spending in July continued its strong 2013 comeback, with overall construction activity rising 0.6 percent from June and 5.2 percent from July 2012 to a seasonally

CoreLogic: Home Prices Up 12.4 Percent in July

The nation’s home prices continued to improve in July, with the latest Home Price Index from CoreLogic posting fantastic year-over-year numbers. Home prices continued their double-digit performance in the CoreLogic Home Price Index, rising 12.4 percent year-over-year in July. That

The Top 9 Reasons That Consumers Moved in 2012

Quite a few Americans moved about in 2012, but what were the reasons behind their move? Last year, a hefty number of Americans moved to new residences – 35.5 million Americans, in fact, a 4 percent increase from 2011

McMansions: The Sequel

Many analysts were proclaiming the demise of the McMansion, but the super-sized housing option seems to have returned from the dead. The narrative went a little something like this: McMansions, or over-sized suburban homes, were an outgrowth of the

The 9 Most Common Reasons For Home Sales in 2013

Why have home sellers sold their residences in 2013? We look at some interesting data and find the most prominent reasons. Housing inventory has been on a major upswing so far in 2013, with inventory rising nearly 22 percent

5 Possible Outcomes of Higher Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have risen rather dramatically since May; what impact could those increases have, though, on the housing market? At the beginning of May the average mortgage rate for a 30-year FRM was just 3.35 percent. Since then, as

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