Pinterest’s Referral Traffic Surges Past Twitter, StumbleUpon

By Lani Rosales for AGBeat Visual social media has been the big hit of 2012, with visual bookmarking site Pinterest leading the way alongside photo sharing tool Instagram. New data from Shareaholic reveals that referral traffic from Pinterest still

Don’t Want an iPad? Microsoft Has a New Tablet

By Ian McKendry Real estate agents around the country are finding more and more utility from computer tablets that are incredibly mobile and have large displays, making them easy on the eyes. To date, Apple’s line of iPads has dominated

Social Media and Video – Are You Thinking Big Enough?

I watched a video today about a nine-year-old boy in Los Angeles named Caine Monroy. Take a moment to watch the video yourself and get a full understanding of the story before reading the rest of this. Done? Ok.

How SMS Messaging Can Improve Company Communications

There are companies that look down on text messaging. It might look like that employee isn’t paying attention, but the truth is, they might actually be multi-tasking and working, just by reading and sending texts – provided the texts

Facebook Ads: What’s the Skinny?

One of my No. 1 hot topics in trainings right now is Facebook ads. It can seem like an elusive concept at first – how can you capitalize on the target marketing platform available through Facebook? However, once you

Tools of the Trade for Agents

If you are working with out of town buyers or buyers that are not familiar with Chicago, these two new tools are here to help. We all know how difficult it can be to work with clients that do

Pin-Up Your Market Efforts with Pinterest

A content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to a virtual pin board, the social media site Pinterest is more than the latest hot fad. According to recent web analysis, it was one

LinkedIn Marketing for Realtors

By Kristina Jaramillo During a presentation I gave at a small business owner’s boot camp, I was asked a very interesting question by one of the attendees: “I am a real estate agent and not sure how LinkedIn can

Data Analyst of the Future: Why You’ll Want to Hire Them and How to Find One

By Rebecca Denison for AGBeat McKinsey & Company released a report about the overwhelming amount of data being created by the Internet called “Big Data.” With the new data coming at us at all times, McKinsey predicted that nearly

Data, Data Everywhere, but Demographics Remain Extremely Elusive

By Rebecca Denison It’s not a secret that social media users generate a great deal of data. Big data. Take a tweet, for example. Each time one 140-character message is sent out, dozens of pieces of metadata are connected

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