Adrian Provost, Owner & President

Realty ONE Group Terminus


An award-winning real estate entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Adrian Provost is the principal broker and president of Realty ONE Group Terminus.

Though he’s been in the real estate industry for 12 years, Provost has been an entrepreneur at heart since he started his first business at the age of 13. In the years since, he’s owned several companies, including in the fashion and music industries. He also became the youngest sole owner of a professional sports organization in the United States at the age of 22, when he acquired the Atlanta Aliens basketball team.

Provost studied business and real estate at Georgia Southern University, MIT and Cornell. He’s a licensed broker, appraiser and mortgage loan originator, and he’s a member of numerous professional organizations and associations of Realtors surrounding the Atlanta area. Additionally, he is the CEO of the multinational real estate investment firm LEVEL. In the past year, Provost has undertaken the challenge of opening multiple Realty ONE Group offices while still expanding his other real estate endeavors.

Provost brings a lifetime of unparalleled customer service and passionate leadership to all his organizations. He considers himself an expert in the subtleties that define elaborate real estate transactions and prides himself on the quality of every deal rather than the quantity. “Where most brokers are transactional and focus on the sale, I place an emphasis on our clients’ experience,” Provost explains. “We position our team to curate the most phenomenal experience anyone will ever have when buying or selling real estate from start to finish, and then we continue delivering that experience well beyond the sale.”

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