Tresmond Murphy, VP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate Inc.


Music was one of Tresmond Murphy’s first loves, and he brings that innate creativity to his career in mortgage lending. “I allow myself to be creative and approach an issue from a different angle,” he says. For over nine years, Murphy has been using his unique approach to assist his clients with government, jumbo and alternative-documentation loans.

During a time of reduced industry volume, Murphy has grown his business by over 50% from last year. He credits his assistant, Lori James, with enabling him to focus on that goal.

Murphy addresses any misconceptions clients may have, then creates a clear action plan for them. By educating clients, he empowers them to make informed financial decisions. Murphy’s laid-back business approach also puts clients at ease. “My favorite line is ‘no worries’ and I truly mean it,” he says. 

He’s risen to the top of his field by “encountering lots of different scenarios as well as a variety of ways to overcome them,” he says. Honesty, expertise and creativity are also instrumental to Murphy’s success. “It takes the ability to think outside of the box and execute to really stand out in this industry these days. The range of products that I have access to at GR and the skill with which I navigate them is what truly sets me apart from the crowd,” he says. “I don’t feel the need to lie to kick it. I am a straight shooter, and I am going to be completely honest with Realtors as well as my clients. If I can do something or I can’t do something, you will know within the first few minutes of our conversation.”

Recently married, Murphy is actively involved in his church. “My faith is one of my personal pillars and my first why,” he says. “My family is my second pillar. These are the reasons that I do what I do.”

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