More than half of Americans would buy a haunted house in 2022

by Emily Marek

Approximately 58% of homebuyers say they’d be willing to purchase a haunted house — and nearly 25% think they already have.

According to a Real Estate Witch survey powered by the real estate transaction site Clever, nearly 70% of Americans believe in the paranormal, with about 60% of people claiming they’ve experienced a supernatural event themselves. As many as one in four Americans even say they’ve seen a ghost.

Millennials are the most likely to shack up in haunted homes, with 63% saying they would consider buying a haunted house and 30% saying possible paranormal activity wouldn’t deter their decision at all.

Additionally, the survey found that of people who believe their home is haunted, nearly one-third of those people knew the home was haunted prior to moving in.

Fewer people today believe their home is haunted than in 2021. However, 69% of buyers claim they would consider buying a home with ghostly roommates for a lower price.

On the flip side, two-thirds of sellers shared that they would only disclose hauntings under certain circumstances (for instance, if asked directly by clients). About 8% said they would refuse to disclose the information, even if it was required by law to do so.

While paranormal occurrences can be scary for homeowners, the survey also found that ghost activity is pretty far down on the list of buyers’ concerns. Issues like unexpected costs, bad neighbors, financial insecurity and house fires are far more likely to frighten buyers in this market.

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