Atlanta Agent magazine provides the most comprehensive coverage of the Atlanta residential real estate market available. We offer advertisers high-impact print and digital placements alongside the latest real estate data, trends and rich editorial features. Our readers look to us to help stay on top of the Atlanta real estate market, and bring them the information that matters most in today’s real estate climate. For more information, contact publisher Anne Hartnett




Web Advertising

Billboard (Rotating) 970 x 250 (desktop dimensions) $425/30 days
  300 x 120 (mobile device dimensions)  
Pop-up Ad 700 x 700 (desktop dimensions) $300/7 days
  320 x 320 (mobile device dimensions)  


Email Newsletter Advertising

The ads appear in our bi-weekly email newsletters. Newsletters are sent every Monday and Thursday to our entire reader database.




Unit Size Cost
Email Newsletter Ad 970 x 250 $225



Designed to keep real estate professionals informed of industry updates, events and announcements, eBlasts are great for announcing incentives, grand openings and special events. The eBlasts are a perfect tool to keep your listing or community in the mind of the agents.

Zone Size 1x 3x 6x 12x
Full Database 600 x 650 $525 $500 $450 $45


Who’s Who in Atlanta Real Estate Print Advertising

This annual print issue is an invite-only roundup of the movers and shakers in the Seattle market. The 2022 Who’s Who in Atlanta Real Estate edition is released on Nov. 7. Email to learn more about how to feature your agents, brokers, lenders and developers in this coveted print issue. 

Unit Size Cost
Full Page Ad 8.5 x 11 $2,500
Spread Ad    11 x 22  $4,500

Premium Content

Sponsored Post | $375
Position your story to drive additional exposure for your brand and promote your business.

Developing Atlanta | $950
A multichannel feature that showcases a new development, with full-color photos and information on its special amenities, affordability or luxury features, community impact and more.

Listing of the Week | $325
The perfect opportunity to highlight a home for sale that deserves a greater spotlight, including full-color images and listing information for potential buyers.

Real Influencers | $1,400
Share your individual real estate success story – including your most noteworthy career experiences and accomplishments, and what inspires you to create a positive impact in the industry.

Team/Company Profile | $1,900
A creative and compelling way to showcase your brand. This profile allows companies to demonstrate their expertise and gain exposure for their products, solutions and industry achievements.

Tech Watch | $2,500
Present your real estate tech solution – CRM software, mobile apps, data analytics platforms, and more – and share how and why agents use it to grow their business.

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