The Truth About Agents: 2024 survey results

by Atlanta Agent

Welcome to the 2024 version of the Truth About Agents, where we survey our readers to find out what’s what about the Atlanta residential real estate industry.

Our annual report examines compensation, training priorities, client profiles, new construction, real estate teams and more.

We collected the data from hundreds of agents over February and March to create a clearer picture of real estate professionals in the Atlanta area. This is your opportunity to see where and how you align with your peers. How does your compensation stack up? Is your marketing emphasis the same as most others’, or not? What do managing brokers see as the most important training for their agents? Are agents optimistic or pessimistic about their clients’ ability to obtain a home loan? Answers to these questions and many more are in the data presented here.

Atlanta Agent has been conducting this survey for years, which also gives us the opportunity to show how responses have changed over time. This year, we take a deeper dive into earnings to find out what percentage of agents earn $200,000 or more per year and $100,000 or more per year and how that’s evolved recently.

New this year is a series of questions about artificial intelligence, namely how agents are using it and whether they view it as effective. AI is shaping every industry in business, and real estate is no exception. Based on the survey results, it’s clear agents are getting on board and embracing this new technology.

Check out our findings on: IncomeCareersTrainingMarketingDemographicsClients and TransactionsManaging BrokersReal Estate TeamsNew ConstructionArtificial Intelligence






Clients and Transactions

Managing Brokers

Real Estate Teams

New Construction

Artificial Intelligence

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