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Competition lawsuits roiling the industry

Real estate has been hit with multiple legal challenges to the status quo, particularly in how agents get paid. The first suit, filed in federal district court in Chicago, takes aim at a rule it says was instituted by

Top 10 Agent Snapshots of 2018

Our list of the top 10 Agent Snapshot features of 2018 includes some of the most powerful names and interesting personalities in Atlanta real estate. Click through to find out who’s No. 1 this

Top 5 cover stories of 2018

The cover stories in Atlanta Agent magazine really ran the gamut in 2018. The most popular cover stories offer insight into the topics that were most important to you and your fellow real estate professionals over the past twelve

Top 10 local stories of 2018

Over the past year, we’ve covered a lot of news and developments in Atlanta. Curious to know which stories generated the most interest from our readers? Click through to find

Top 9 tech stories of 2018

It’s not easy to stay up on all the latest technology news. Make sure you didn’t miss a story that your competition already read by checking out our most popular tech stories over the past year. Click through all

They’re Simply the Best

With technology, one minute an app, software or platform could be deemed “the best,” and the next minute, a company has come out with something even better that vies for that

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