What is your opinion of your brokerage? We’d like to know your thoughts!

Are you happy at your brokerage? Thinking of heading for greener pastures? We’d like to hear your thoughts!

Four Atlanta brokerages make Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies 

Michelle Humes Group, Mark Spain Real Estate, the Justin Landis Group and Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage made the annual revenue-based rankings. 

How is new construction shaping Atlanta real estate?

Are your clients looking for new construction? Have you sold new construction homes recently? We want to hear from you in our latest survey!

Survey: What kind of training did you receive as a rookie agent?

Could the industry do a better job of training new agents? Find out what other agents had to say in our newest survey on rookie agents.

2022 NAR Member Profile: Median Realtor income jumps in 2021 

According to the annual survey, the typical Realtor saw their transaction sides rise from 10 to 12 and their sales volume increase from $2.1 million to $2.6 million. 

How do Atlanta agents receive real estate training?

What did you expect when you entering Atlanta real estate? Once you were licensed, did you feel prepared? We want to hear from you!

How do Atlanta agents market themselves?

Which tools and techniques do Atlanta agents use to market their listings? Has the lack of inventory changed the way you market? We want to hear from you!

What’s the must-have tech for Atlanta agents?

What are the tools that Atlanta’s agents and brokers can’t live without? From marketing and social media to lead generation and sales, we want to hear your how you utilize technology our new survey!

The state of luxury real estate in Atlanta

What is the state of Atlanta luxury real estate? Check out how our readers responded to the Luxury Survey, including recent changes in the market and what amenities buyers are looking for.

What’s new in Atlanta luxury real estate?

What are the hottest areas for Atlanta’s luxury real estate market these days? We want to hear your thoughts in our new survey!

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