Five words that describe every top agent


Leaving a lasting impression on your clients goes beyond buying a dapper suit and driving a shiny car. Instead, homebuyers these days are going beyond outward appearances of real estate agents and prioritizing their values.

To classify what homebuyers look for in their agents, Open Listings analyzed the five-star reviews of its in-house to hone in on the key words most frequently used in the reviews from homebuyers. Out of 900 reviews, Open Listings narrowed responses to five main qualities in real estate agents that were most sought-after by homebuyers.

5. “Professional”

Appearing 57 times in reviews, clients opt for agents who can do more than just “look the part.” Instead, they prefer agents who can handle themselves in stressful situations, given that the buying process can take such an emotional toll on the clients themselves. Homebuyers appreciate agents who can keep a level head and a calm demeanor when they cannot.

4. “Knowledgeable”

Agents who know the housing market like the back of their hand are highly desired by homebuyers. The words “knowledgeable” and “informative” showed up 93 times in five-star reviews, signifying that clients like their agents to know tips and tricks not readily available via a web search or phone app. Having rich experience and providing useful insight are very invaluable to clients, especially new homebuyers.

3. “Friendly”

Clients don’t want rude, under-caffeinated grumps to help them buy their next home. According to the reviews, “nice,” “personable,” “polite” and “pleasant” agents are in high-demand by homebuyers who want to feel like they’re being genuinely cared for. Even though an increasing number of clients are using apps and websites to research homes, they still prefer agents who can look them in the eye and care about their well-being.

2. “Responsive”

With the market as competitive as it is, timeliness is highly valued among real estate agents. Words like “accommodating,” “quick,” “available” and “communicative” appeared 129 times in five-star reviews, showing that homebuyers want their agents to be readily-accessible at any time of day. Time is of the essence in a competitive buyer’s market, so agents who can get back to their clients promptly are extremely desirable.

1. “Helpful”

The bottom line is that clients want agents who can break things down. The term “helpful” turned up 134 times in five-star agent reviews, demonstrating that homebuyers seek agents who can make the complicated world of homebuying a little easier to understand. Not to mention, clients prefer agents who will sincerely help them find the best home, instead of just selling them any home found on the market.

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