The continued investment along the Atlanta Beltline will bring new residents to the area

by Atlanta Agent

It looks like Atlanta is getting a facelift! The Atlanta Beltline has landed a $16 million federal grant that is expected to go towards the Southside Trail. Better public transport in the area is sure to attract new residents to the city, to take advantage of the abundance of jobs in the city as well as the affordable housing.If that sounds interesting to you, take a look at our guide to moving to Atlanta and how the redevelopment can aid you.

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What’s happening?

The development of the Atlanta Beltline isn’t just putting in a new trainline, but a full redevelopment to up the value of Atlanta homes. It is one of the biggest urban redevelopment and mobility projects underway and is expected to connect 45 neighborhoods together with the reuse of historic rail corridors and create a network of public parks.

It sounds pretty ambitious, but with the $16 million federal grant offered, it is expected to support new jobs, affordable workforce housing, public health and environmental clean-up. It makes Atlanta a promising place to settle down.

What should I do while house hunting?

Even with affordable housing, there is nothing wrong with making sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Keep a checklist of things to look out for while house hunting, especially if you’re renting.

There is nothing wrong with haggling, even if you are renting, but you better come backed up with reasons. A property inspection can handle all the major faults, but you can look for features in equivalent properties in the area. Any faults in your potential property, whether it’s about location or additional features, that have the same price can help you. So can whether a home is furnished or not. If not, you can return to your landlord with the proposition that you will have to pay for furniture yourself to make them reconsider the price.

If you are renting and you see some faults, ensure they are fixed by a deadline, and use any faults you see in the property you intend to buy to lower the price a little.

Nail down your insurance

Whether you are renting or buying, get your insurance. The landlord will only cover the home itself, interior and exterior, but if you want to protect your belongings inside the property you will have to get renters insurance. It’s a good idea particularly if you are furnishing the home yourself. It will cover damage, theft and occasionally loss of use, which means you will have somewhere to go, and expenses covered if the worst should happen and your home is uninhabitable.

Homeowners insurance covers a lot of the same things but has extra cover for the property itself. It is mandatory with your mortgage to ensure that your home is covered on a bad day. It covers damage to your home’s structure and other structures like your fence, garage, etc. It also covers your personal property and loss of use, plus liability coverage so that medical expenses are covered if someone were to get injured on your property.

Shop around and compare quotes online to ensure that you are getting the best deal to protect your home and your belongings. If you’re looking to protect your home, search home insurance near me for the best deals.

Boost your deposit

If you are looking to buy in Atlanta, there are things you can do to ensure that you get the best loan possible, thereby affording you a more valuable home.

Your lender is initially going to look at your income, so show them as much income as you can offer. Do you have assets from investments? Alimony? Child support? Social security? Earnings from a side job or business? Show them all to your lender and it will go a long way to convincing them that you can afford a bigger loan. Although, for the latter two to be considered, you have to have been earning regularly from the side job or business for the past two years.

You can also wipe your debt. The next thing your lender is going to look at is your debt-to-income ratio, or the percentage of your monthly income that is going towards minimum debt repayments. Wiping your debt with a balance transfer card or by refinancing an auto loan will ensure your lender that your mortgage is your only financial responsibility.

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