This is the ‘dream living room’ — to Georgians

by Emily Marek

Living rooms often serve as a home’s focal point, providing a versatile space where you can both curl up on the couch and entertain house guests. But what details make up the ideal American living room, and how do those details differ from the dream living room in Georgia?

Furniture retailer Joybird surveyed over 2,500 Americans and asked them to describe their dream living room. Nationwide, the “country house” design style was the most popular for the living room — think modern farmhouse, but with a European twist. The style features exposed wooden beams, floral patterns and curated/one-of-a-kind pieces (like heirlooms or flea market finds). Forty percent of states surveyed said this aesthetic was their design of choice.

Furthermore, respondents from 55% of states dream of a leather sofa in their ideal living room, with 84% wishing for a sectional as their preferred sofa style. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds chose a lounge chair as their preferred accent seating.

Other popular dream living room details across the country include medium to dark brown hardwood floors, white or off-white walls, matte black hardware and big windows to let in lots of natural light.

In Georgia, however, preferences varied on many elements popular nationwide. Respondents preferred a Mediterranean design style to country house, medium-sized sofas to sectionals, brass hardware to matte black and club chairs to lounge chairs. They joined the rest of the country in their preference of white or off-white walls and light brown hardwood floors over darker stains.

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