Best Business Practices

9 ways to win a bidding war

From pizza to pre-approvals, here are some of the tools Atlanta-area real estate agents are using to help their clients land their dream homes. 

Are referral fees hurting consumers?

A new report by the Consumer Federation of America reveals that referral fees paid by real estate agents result in higher commission rates and reduced customer service.

RE/MAX Around Atlanta surprises agents with pop-by gifts

A small gesture of appreciation goes a long way in the coronavirus era.

Staging on steroids: How agents and brokerages deliver concierge design services

When you combine coronavirus with the fact that most buyers are looking for move-in-ready units, it becomes clear that agents need to help sellers get their homes ready for the market.

Curbing their enthusiasm? Not so much.

Remote closings are becoming commonplace for law firms like Cook & James.

How to avoid a data-breach nightmare

Don’t get caught “running naked through the woods.”

Should Atlanta brokers disclose home hauntings?

It’s a common TV trope, but what should you know when dealing with a home that may be haunted? recommends social media tips for growing your real estate brand

Ok, so you didn’t get into real estate to become a social media guru. And maybe you don’t even like being on social media. Get over it! Engaging on social media doesn’t have to be yet another arduous marketing

5 tips for Realtors working with senior homeowners

Review the process It is not at all uncommon for seniors to have been living in their home for 30 or more years. For this reason, the legal and logistics issues associated with selling their home are probably unfamiliar

How Keller Williams enhanced the agent experience to become No. 1, according to CEO and President John Davis

In 2017, Keller Williams had one of its best years in terms of growth, sales and volume. By the end of the year, the company boasted a No. 1 ranking in number of agents, units sold and sales volume

The 3 Things Your Clients Should Never Do Before Buying a Home

Buying a home in the post-boom market is akin to ballet, and there are certain steps that no client should take. For the vast majority of consumers, buying a home hinges on securing a loan, and among the vast

The 5 Main Preferences for Homebuyers in 2013

What kinds of factors did homebuyers consider in 2013 when making their purchase? Homebuyers have a multitude of factors to consider when deciding upon a home purchase, but inevitably, certain factors will be more important than others. For an

The 5 Things Home Sellers Want From You

 What did home sellers want from their real estate agents in 2013? The method of selling homes has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, but the role of the real estate agent in the process – to market

4 Predictions for the Housing Market in 2014

What does that impeccable Atlanta Agent crystal ball have to say about real estate in 2014? Incredibly, another year is almost upon us, and like 2013, it’s bound to supply oodles of twists and turns for our beloved housing

3 Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2014

What trends should you be on the lookout for in 2014? The housing market may have made considerable strides in 2013, but according to Trulia’s housing barometer, it still has some ways to go. Not only are existing-home sales

3 Social Media Trends to Prep For in 2014

Social media is an ever-evolving organism; how will it develop in the coming year? The numbers on social media are well known: 56 percent of consumers use some kind of social media; more than a billion people use Facebook,

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