Kathy Denise Butler, Broker/Owner

Kathy Butler Realty, LLC

“I really love what I do,” says Atlanta broker Kathy Butler, owner of Kathy Butler Realty, LLC. 

After working in corporate America, Butler got into the real estate industry after her experience purchasing a home. “It was a learning experience,” she says. “I had to educate myself in order to negotiate on my behalf. That experience led me to become a real estate agent. I commit myself to educating and being present every step of the way for my clients.” 

As a native of Savannah, Butler found herself at a disadvantage when she started her real estate career in Atlanta. “When I first started my career, I didn’t know anyone. Being new in real estate in 1999 was challenging,” she says. 

Over the years, she worked very hard and established herself as a dependable and committed agent who always goes the extra mile. She’s now the owner of her own brokerage, Kathy Butler Realty, LLC, a goal she says she could not have accomplished without the support of her family. “God is my rock. My parents are my role models and my biggest supporters, and so are my sons,” she says. 

As a past insurance agency owner and auto broker, she has always been an entrepreneur. With an MBA degree, she decided to utilize that knowledge to open her own brokerage. Combining her education and all that she has learned since 1999 help her provide quality and a “red carpet service” for all, she says.  

Butler is proud to have expanded her brokerage in the past few years, adding quality agents to her team. “I have coverage in the Middle GA. and Atlanta areas. Establishing my brokerage with a great team on my own has been my greatest accomplishment and I look forward to continuous growth,” she says. 

“Life is not easy and real estate isn’t either. To know that I am a huge contributor to the happiness of others confirms my purpose, that I’m doing what God has destined me to do,” Butler says. 

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