KeepSum Brings Coupon Euphoria to Real Estate

by Chicago Agent

KeepSum, a real estate equivalent to Groupon, has joined the coupon website craze.

KeepSum, a website that attempts to bring the same bright, zany style of the gloriously successful Groupon to real estate, has just formally launched, beckoning Realtors to “save some, keep sum.”

Functioning more on a business-to-business basis than business-to-consumer, KeepSum claims it will offer savings of up 60 percent on such products as accounting tools, training and education, printing and marketing services, tech tools, website development and more.

The site literally just launched, so there are no precedents to consult on exactly what the site will offer (and with what kinds of discounts). At the writing of this article, though, there was a $5 voucher worth 36% off for an unlimited single property websites plan.

According to its website, KeepSum has two goals in its mission: one, to make everyone happy, and two, to make almost everyone happy. We’ll see if they succeed!

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