Be a Leader This Year

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Being a leader is not for everyone. For some reason many think the leadership position is easy, but anyone in leadership knows it can be challenging. Getting people to follow you and your beliefs takes effort, respect, honesty and well-defined goals-a vision of what’s to come. I heard one man say once “if you think you are a leader, turn around and if there is no one following you, you are simply out for a walk”. Companies fail or succeed based on the person driving the ship, the leadership that has the fortitude to weather the storm and stay true to the overall mission of the company without letting personal agenda get them off course.

Craig Witt of EXIT Realty

It is no secret that in today’s day of the modern Realtor, leadership is the No. 1 reason why agents come and go from a brokerage. I would also say that is why broker/owners choose to switch brands, because of failed leadership or unstable leadership. Certainly there are plenty of variables of why agents and brokers move around including better tools, technology and systems, but if you ask around you will likely discover what I have: leadership played a major role in the decision.

Leadership can range from the highest of positions at the corporate level all the way to the street level; and don’t forget about mentoring or parenting. We all need leadership in our lives for accountability, support, competition and most of all hope. The truly successful individuals seek out leadership and embrace the thought that there is someone better, smarter and more skilled in the areas they want to be. Everyone started at the bottom to some degree and it took a mentor or coach to teach them the skills to improve. The question is, are you coachable? Even coaches have coaches.

It is interesting that around the first of every year our brain allows us to consider starting over, beginning a new idea, career or skill to put the past behind us; sort of a rebirth if you will. Why not take a year-long snapshot right now and say, “I am going to do this for one year and re-evaluate at the end of the year”? Everything has a shelf life before it needs to be adjusted or changed all together, right now is the perfect time to pick something new and go for it; dedicate yourself 100 percent to this effort for one year, and monitor it quarterly. This may be your time to be a leader.

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