Creative Post-Thanksgiving Marketing Strategies

by Reno Manuele


Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for effective real estate marketing.

By Peter Ricci

So, today is Thanksgiving, the notorious Turkey Day when we satisfy our prodigious appetites with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, casseroles of the corn and green bean variety, and rolls – not to mention ice cream, pies, cookies, brownies and pastries after the meal!

But of course, given Thanksgiving’s widespread popularity, the day is more than a gourmand’s delight. Like most holidays, it’s a great chance for creative marketing, and now that the day is upon us, here are a couple creative post-thanksgiving marketing strategies for your real estate business.

Post-Thanksgiving Marketing Strategies

An Ad About Real Estate, Not the Holiday: Though the marketing rush of Thanksgiving can’t quite match that of Christmas, a large number of agents still send out Thanksgiving cards and e-cards in preparation for the day – and the vast majority of them are pretty generic, featuring images of leaves, pumpkins and cleanly-set tables with stock actors, all with a “Happy Thanksgiving!” banner across the top.

The best marketing campaigns are unique, so you won’t want to fall in to that norm with your Thanksgiving ad; rather, think of ways to emphasize some of your properties within the context of the holiday. Does one property have great foliage? Is another in a great area for shopping or wintry activities? Does one feature a great dining room for family gatherings? Use the holiday to your advantage, and emphasize your properties’ attributes with your ads.

Tongue-in-Cheek Marketing – Given the sheer indulgence of the day, you could have some great fun with Thanksgiving when marketing to clients after-the-fact. For instance, send some of your best clients a card, and include a discounted gym membership; or, maybe include a gift card to a Whole Foods, or a similarly organice, healthy market in the area. Fun marketing always stands out, and Thanksgiving is a day rife with opportunity for humorous outreach to clients and leads.

As with most marketing techniques, these strategies are relatively minor in cost and scope, but your earnestness and consideration – two features any agent would like to be associated with – will win out in the end. Have any other interesting marketing ideas? Let us know!

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