2013 Search Trends for Real Estate Agents

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Real estate is a popular subject for Web browsers, but what are real estate agents? And how often are agents searched for online? Alyssa Mattero explains.


Google and other search engines play an important role in the real estate industry. People are searching for all kinds of real estate agents, companies and services online, and if your website isn’t coming up in the search results, you could be missing out on some major business.

Now is the time to get online! Even more people are searching for real estate agents through Google this year compared to last year search trends.

Online Searches for “Real Estate Agent” are Up from Last Year!

This graph represents the search interest (or number of people searching) for the term “real estate agent” in Illinois from January to May in 2012 compared to January to May in 2013.


The red line represents the search interest for “real estate agent” in 2012. The blue line shows the search interest for “real estate agent” in 2013.

We see a huge spike in interest toward the end of March – which is likely due to seasonality and leases expiring – but if you look at this year’s spike compared to last year’s, you’ll notice a huge increase this year. This shows that more and more people are searching for real estate agents online in Illinois this year compared to last.

The average search interest appears to consistent from last year, but if you total the interest from January through April 2013 vs. January through April 2012, you’ll see that 2013’s interest is higher than last year, 1086 vs. 1014.

What Does This Mean for Chicago Real Estate Agents?

People are searching for real estate agents online, but will they find YOU? You need to make sure that your website is optimized for important search terms like “real estate agent,” so that you can capture the online search traffic that is more opportune now than ever. If you don’t have a website, submit your information to online directories like Google Places, Yelp! or Yahoo! Local so that your listing can come up in the search results.

To learn more about how you can optimize your website for important search terms read my last two blogs, which explained how today’s home shoppers search online and what keywords you should optimize on your website.

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