3 Reasons You Should Care About iOS 7

by Peter Thomas Ricci

iOS 7 may seem like a tech geek’s paradise, but the changes it represents in the iOS platform on the iPhone and iPad will affect real estate agents.


Well, it’s here – after months of anticipation, Apple has finally unveiled iOS 7, the new operating system for its iPhone and iPad devices. Eschewing the subtle, realistic textures and hushed tones of iOS 6 (which had largely carried on the design scheme of the original iOS), iOS 7 is a bold step forward, one with lavish colors and a more futuristic design scheme.

The changes to iOS 7, though, extend far beyond mere colors and textures, and will fundamentally change how real estate agents interact with their Apple devices. Here are three of the most notable changes:

1. A New Visual Presentation – As we just referenced, iOS 7 ushers in a dramatic re-write of the iOS visual vocabulary, and beyond your own personal reactions to the aesthetics of the operating systems visuals, iOS 7’s new look will definitely have an impact on your real estate business. For instance, say you use the iPad’s in-house applications for listing presentations. Those apps will look and behave much differently under iOS 7, and therefore, you may end up tweaking aspects of how you use those apps as a result. And of course, this will extend beyond Apple’s apps to third-party applications, so users of Evernote, DocuSign, Dotloop, etc. should brace for changes when iOS 7 officially launches this fall.

2. Gestures and Layers – Another dramatic change to iOS 7 comes in its new implementation of gestures and layers. First, with the layers function, apps will now be able to present multiple layers of information on a single screen (here’s an excellent demonstration of how that technology will work); so again, piggy-backing on our first point, how you interact with apps on a visual basis will change. Second, with gestures, iOS 7 users will now have new ways to navigate the operating system; for instance, users will be able to swipe from the edge of the screen and return to their most recent app, flick up for the new control center apparatus and drag down from the middle of the screen to activate a search mode.

3. Under-the-hood Changes – Finally, iOS 7 will also bring numerous implicit, under-the-hood changes that will shape how you interact with your Apple device. For instance, the charging indicator has been tweaked, so you’ll now have a better grasp of how much time your device requires before it’s fully charged; apps will now update automatically through the App Store, rather than requiring manual updates; and finally, users will be able to organize folders into multiple pages, rather than simply having unorganized folders with a myriad amount of apps and documents stored.

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