Home sweet (haunted) home?


Are prospective buyers willing to make a haunted house their next home, or would they rather run screaming to the hills? That’s what Realtor.com set out to decide in its recent Haunted Real Estate survey of more than 1,000 visitors to its website.

Real estate agents who have spooky listings shouldn’t be too concerned, because 33 percent of respondents said they’d be willing to buy a haunted house and 25 percent might be. Forty-two percent apparently don’t want to bunk with any ghosts, saying they wouldn’t be open to living in a haunted house.

“Haunted houses are a popular attraction this time of year, but we wanted to see how many people would actually live in one,” Sarah Staley, a housing expert, said to Realtor.com. “What we found may be a sign of today’s tight housing market, or for many living in a haunted house doesn’t have to be a deal breaker.”

However, even those brave enough to move into homes with supernatural roommates have conditions: 40 percent say they’d require a price reduction, 35 percent need a better neighborhood, 32 percent need a larger home and 29 percent would only do so if the home had more bedrooms than other homes in their budget.

Spooky or just plain scary?

We all know there’s a big gap between Casper the Friendly Ghost and something out of “Poltergiest,” so what are the respondents of the Realtor.com survey willing to deal with?

  • For 48 percent, cold or hot spots in the house.
  • For 45 percent, strange noises.
  • For 39 percent, strange feelings in certain rooms.
  • For 35 percent, strange shadows.
  • For 20 percent, levitating objects.
  • For 20 percent, the feeling of being touched.

So agents tasked with selling a creepy house shouldn’t be scared.

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