MyStyle: Ashley Ayala, Realtor, Muffley & Associates Real Estate

by Atlanta Agent

Number of years in real estate:  Less than a year

Describe your look: Simple chic

What do you consider a fashion dont?  Leggings as jeans. Leggings are not meant to replace jeans.

What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? Dresses, because they are elegant

What do you consider a must-have accessory? Earrings

Where are your favorite places to shop? J.Crew, Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Upscale Consignment Shops

What, besides your wardrobe, completes your look? A big smile

What is in your bag/briefcase? My iPhone, an extra charger, my laptop, lipgloss, a small agenda, a notebook and an extra baby diaper (I’m a mom!)

My closet is full of… Shoes

What is your style advice for other people in the industry? When you look better, you feel better, you do better.

Dress: Banana Republic; Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Earrings: Banana Republic

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