How to close 50 deals in a year

by Timothy Inklebarger

Want to “be a boss making boss moves” in your real estate business? More importantly, would you like to close 50 deals in 365 days?

Coach Ella Blaine, who is a real estate coach and founder of the Real Estate Ladies Rock Facebook group, offered tips on how to achieve the goal of closing 50 deals annually and go even further in her webinar at the 2020 Realtors Conference and Expo.

“You cannot be a secret agent; secret agents don’t get paid,” Blaine said, emphasizing the importance of getting out there and meeting people.

She based the webinar on the premise that the agent only has $100 to spend every month marketing their business.
One of the most reliable ways of finding clients is by sending out two personal cards 365 days a year — one to a potential client you know and the other to a potential client you don’t know, she said.

Cards sent to contacts an agent knows produce a 25-to-1 success ratio, she said. That means 14 deals from people the agent knows. The success rate of 50-to-1 for people the agent doesn’t know is lower but still will produce an estimated seven deals over the course of a year. The cost is estimated to be about $475, she said.

Blaine also advised giving out free cups of coffee and community resource booklets. Handing out 10 cups a week for 52 weeks will generate an estimated 10 new deals, she said. At approximately 50 cents a cup, the agent will spend an estimated $260 a year.

Blaine also advised the following:

  • Hold homebuyer events once a month based on activities you enjoy doing. This is the most inexpensive option now because events must be held virtually and, therefore, have a cost of zero. The goal is to get 10 buyers at each event, one of whom will ultimately make a deal. Those events usually can run around $20, depending on the activity.
  • Produce a weekly webinar about real estate in the area. And create groups on social media platforms like Facebook on real estate topics like VIP clients; buyers hot home list; support local business; moving to your state; landlords in your state; and buying and selling in your state. “How much does that cost you?” Blaine asked. “Nothing. It’s free. Some of you are allergic to that free stuff.”
  • Those tips get agents up to that 50 deals number, but Blaine said sending out texts, holding client appreciation events and buying a table at school and church events are also ways to go beyond the goal of making 50 deals in a year. “I’m always a boss making boss moves,” she said.

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