Real Estrange

Take this Illinois ‘dome home’ for a whirl

Just an hour from outer Chicago, sits a spaceship-like structure: Illinois’ famous rotating house.

Luxury Colorado lodge for sale — and it comes with the town

In Saguache, Colorado, a monument to the Old West is for sale. Dubbed Old Cow Town, the property is a frontier replica, complete with a luxury lodge.

Find a new kind of sanctuary in Winfield, Kansas.

A converted church in South Central Kansas city of Winfield, is for sale, offering a unique sanctuary to potential buyers.

In upstate New York, a fairy-tale home awaits

Once upon a time in upstate New York … an enchanting tower stands. And the unique piece of real estate is up for sale.

Illinois ‘Goth Home’ goes viral — and it’s for sale

You’ve heard of Gothic architecture … but what about goth architecture? A certain listing in Lincoln, Ill. is trending for its shocking black exterior.

Live in the country farmhouse of a celebrity sheep

Louie the Sheep is a local legend in Australia — and his rainbow-hued, modern farmhouse is up for sale.

Millionaire German shepherd to sell Miami mansion formerly owned by Madonna

The world’s wealthiest dog is about to get a little richer. Worth nearly half a billion dollars, the German shepherd named Gunther VI recently listed the former Miami estate of Madonna for $31.75 million, according to a press release.

Buy-in for this poolside casino home in Kissimmee, FL

Entertainment is a top priority of the “Royale Reunion” in Kissimmee, FL. This luxury villa is equipped with a home theater room, arcade game rooms and… a private casino.

One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you…

The iconic home from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” is prime Hollywood real estate. And it’s currently for sale.

Buy Emmitt Smith’s house — and get a date with the NFL star

Emmit Smith’s mansion boasts five bedrooms and nine bathrooms… in addition to one extra, unusual feature: a dinner date with the athlete himself.

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