Burma Weller


Burma Weller

Sale Associate
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s
International Realty

Burma Weller, who watched Atlanta grow from a modest-sized city of one million to the major metro of six million it is today, has learned to thrive under deadlines and diversity, something real estate is fraught with. After 31 years in the industry, handling some of the area’s most exclusive, high-end properties, Weller’s confident she’s found a career that will last a lifetime.

“I have loved and am still loving everything about the journey that’s brought me to where I am today,” she admits. “My very first new homes subdivision rested on the outskirts of the city. It was a bit of a drive, but I quickly fell in love with managing multiple listings in close proximity. Oh, and the smell of fresh paint!”

From affordable new homes to multimillion-dollar hi-rise luxury condominiums, Weller understands the relative importance of the investment, giving each client the same attention and respect. With nearly $30 million in individual volume in 2013 alone, she’s happy with the results.

“I work relentlessly on all my projects, but also try to figure out how to make it an enjoyable experience for the client,” Weller says. “Sometimes that means spreadsheets and lots of maps, other times finding great places to eat lunch. I get a lot of referrals, because my former clients know I will never let them regret recommending me.”

Weller’s level of customer service is so studied, and has such a profound impact on her clients, that even after the job’s done, many want to stay in contact.

“It’s not uncommon for clients and I to become longtime friends,” she says. “You spend time with someone and get to know them, after a while you realize, ‘we’re friends.’”

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