Joanne Curtin


Joanne Curtin

The Joanne Curtin Team
Keller Williams Realty Consultants

Joanne Curtin is one of Atlanta’s premier real estate professionals, something her sales figures make evident, it’s not only her individual talent, though, that she thanks for her success; it’s also the collective work and specialties of her sales team.

“Our team produces because we operate on the belief that each stage of a transaction is best handled by a trusted professional whose particular skill set adds value in that particular arena,” Curtin says. “We have a track record of success, and net our clients more money in their pocket. The proof is in the numbers.”

In recent years, Curtin and her team, which boast a variety of specialties, including photography, staging, appraisals and full-time client care staff, consistently sell more than 100 properties annually, which is 11 times more than the average Realtor, and often with higher closing prices than similar properties.

“The National Association of Realtors states that 40 percent of buyers come from salesperson contact,” she says, explaining why her team is so dedicated to prospecting. “Our sales agents and staff reach out to dozens of potential and hopeful clients each day.”

It’s not about just being the available Realtor for Curtin; her business also aims to cultivate as a resource in client’s lives – someone a buyer or seller can depend on for reliable housing information.

“We provide specialized data reports for all the areas we operate in to keep our clients ahead of the curve on trends,” she says.

A proponent of innovative technologies, Curtin was the first Atlanta Realtor to create town video tours that featured resident endorsements and local living insights. Her Master of Education degree, earned from the University of Georgia, reinforces her lifelong appreciation of continued learning.

“Since I started in real estate, I’ve consistently sought out one-on-one business coaches to help analyze what I can do better, and how I can be more valuable to my team,” she says. “The most important thing I’ve learned is that my business won’t grow unless I do, which makes me grateful of the 13 years my husband Tom and I have worked together to create a great client and employee experience.”

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