Who’s Who 2014

We are pleased to introduce our inaugural issue of Atlanta Agent magazine’s “Who’s Who in Atlanta Real Estate”! This exclusive issue was developed to showcase, celebrate and promote Atlanta’s residential real estate leaders.

Click on the profiles below to learn more about Atlanta’s Who’s Who:

  • Jim Alexander says:

    Very interesting list. Who decides who is on this list? Do you have a criteria? This looks more random of who you thought might be fun to have on the list. Maybe you do have a system, but if not, you might want to have an “RE advisory board” to help you choose who should be on this list. Like Mark Spain (#1 in the country), Shaun Rawls (#1 group in the city.) Betsy Akers, Bonneau Ansley, Patti Junger, Glennis Beacham, Deborah Ratchford, Rick Hale, just to mention a few. They are all in the top 50 agents in the city YTD and no one on your list made the top 50! Just a thought from someone who reads your paper and been in RE for many years! 🙂

    • Peter Thomas Ricci says:

      Hey Jim, thanks for your comment! To answer your question, when inviting professionals to take part in Who’s Who, we conducted research and gathered opinions from managing brokers, association officials, top-producing agents, loan officers, developers and affiliates in real estate in order to select participants for the exclusive feature. As you can likely tell, the selected participants included: people who are top producers; who have performed charitable acts; who have created something that is useful to the industry; or people who have otherwise benefitted the local industry and are representing the industry with excellence. Once again, thank you for your comment – we appreciate the perspective!

  • Tom Ellicott says:

    Great choices! Each one of these local pros is deserving of this prestigious recognition. I see that Jim’s comments below speak to production. This link may be what he’s looking for.