Consumers Beginning to Prefer Promotional Offers via Smartphone

by Chicago Agent

According to the JiWire.com Mobile Audience Insights Report for the second quarter of 2011, interesting trends were revealed regarding consumption of promotions through mobile-specific channels, with one in five consumers preferring to receive promotional offers through their smartphone.

E-mail was the clear winner in how consumers prefer to receive promotional offers which is good news for small businesses looking to connect with consumers, but it should be noted that interest plummeted from 52 percent in the first quarter to 38 percent in the second quarter. One reason for the drop is the rise in interest consumers have to receive promotional offers through their mobile-specific media channels with mobile apps comprising of the majority of mobile promotional distribution.















Couponing is on the rise
The rise of couponing isn’t slowing down, and 92 percent of consumers polled indicated that they purchase at least one local deal per month, but mostly on small purchases, with 78 percent spending under $50 on each purchase, making couponing a more successful marketing venture for businesses that offer retail or inexpensive services.

Restaurant owners are the biggest winner when it comes to promotional offerings, as it has been common for consumers to use a coupon at restaurants for decades, only now, consumers are couponing with their smartphones.

Extending businesses’ reach
Men’s top three purchases include retail, events and fitness, while women’s top three include event, beauty and health purchases through promotional offers. Three out of four people share local deals by using e-mail, word of mouth and social media tools, up from 62 percent from the first quarter. Businesses can expect that the reach of their promotional offer will reach outside of just the individuals they originally contact.

We anticipate that consumers are more apt to download mobile apps to receive promotional offers, but as the concept becomes mainstream, consumers will also become more savvy and preferences may shift, just as we are seeing right now with e-mail offers.


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