Foreclosure End Zones Reset — Again

by Chicago Agent

The end zones just keep moving farther down as far as foreclosures are concerned.

Courtesy of a new report from Lender Process Services (LPS), the delinquency markets have yielded several batches of data this week, with some good, some bad, and some suggesting we still have a long way to go.

The good news was that mortgage delinquencies continued their declines in October, falling by roughly 200,000 from September and nearly 30 percent from the Jan. 2010 peak. Despite falling home values, more homeowners are paying their mortgages on time, and less homes are entering the delinquency process.

Though less homes are veering on foreclosure, the foreclosure inventories are at their greatest levels yet at 4.29 percent of all active mortgages, and further complicating matters is the average amount of time that delinquent loans are in foreclosure rose once again to 631 days.

Calculated Risk spotlighted some more scary data: 2.33 million loans are delinquent, 1.76 million are seriously delinquent, and 2.21 million are in the foreclosure process, which, again, now takes more than 20 months to complete.

As LPS noted in its report, how states deal with foreclosures has a big impact on the length of the process.

“Judicial vs. nonjudicial foreclosure processes remain a significant factor in the reduction of foreclosure pipelines from state to state, with nonjudicial foreclosure inventory percentages less than half that of judicial states,” LPS stated. “This is largely a result of the fact that foreclosure sale rates in nonjudicial states have been proceeding at four to five times that of judicial.”

Not all of LPS’ data was negative, though. As HousingWire spotlights, mortgage originations have reached levels not seen since mid-2010 (the height of the homebuyer tax credit craze), and mortgage prepayments also rose. The government, though, remains the nation’s home lender to a disproportionate degree, and still guarantees nearly nine out of 10 new mortgages.

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