Have No Doubt – Be Courageous!

by Monya Mu’min


Monya Mu’min is a Business Coach with VisionMoves, LLC.

You have decided to develop a career in real estate. You have actually seen some agents do an excellent job of making a success in this career; however, you are not sure that you can do it. There are a lot of obstacles to face – prospecting, developing systems, creating marketing, showings, drawing up contracts, preventing fallouts, etc., etc., etc.,. Nevertheless, you are excited about trying.

The First, Shaky Steps

So, the first thing you do is move out of your comfort zone and begin to take the steps. You move forward tentatively at first – taking shaky steps to go to the next level, challenging yourself to make the difficult calls, to secure the necessary marketing, soliciting help. As time goes by and with a little more confidence, you are moving forward.

What is the hardest part? Motivating yourself to move forward when there are no visible results. Especially when you have invested your all to generate results.

Moving Forward…and Confronting Doubts and Discouragement

As you move forward, doubts begin to creep into your thinking. Over time, disappointments turn doubts into discouragement. The self-talk changes from “Yes I can!” to “I hope this works,” and finally to “Why did I do this in the first place?” The winds of change have now turned discouragement to despondence. At this point, you would find yourself starting to stumble. Confidence is shaken. It becomes easy to slip back into the old comfort zone.

DON’T DO IT! In order to make a success of anything that you do, you have to stay focused on what’s important. Know Your WHY and move forward with confidence. Don’t let the grumblings and rumblings in your ear make you stumble and fall. Identify what the obstacles are and then identify ways to overcome them: Not enough business? make more contacts. Not sure why presentations don’t convert to contracts? ask someone (people) with a high conversion rate.

Do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. Even big boulders can be blasted with the right dynamite!

Move forward. Keep the faith. Walk on the water.

Monya Mu’min is a Business Coach with VisionMoves, LLC which provides Coaching and Virtual Assistance services with a specialty in real estate. [email protected] for more information.

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