Tips From Top Producers

by Atlanta Agent

What would your advice be to your younger, rookie agent self, now that you’re a top producer?

weslee-knappWeslee Knapp, Keller Knapp Realty: “Take a different approach than the average person. Every property is different, and you have to understand who the buyer is for that property and attach the marketing efforts to that particular subset of consumers.”






chad-polazzo-remaxChad Polazzo, RE/MAX of Georgia: “It’s about efficiency. Efficiency means, ‘How can I do something faster? How can I do it easier? And how can I make it less painful for people, more smooth and more enjoyable?’ Selling and buying real estate is a stressful endeavor for most people, and one of the things that I strive to do is to make it fun and enjoyable, because otherwise, what’s the point? Younger agents do have a distinct advantage, because they don’t have any of these legacy systems that they’ve been developing over the years that they’re trying to transition out of.”


bobbi-meyersBobbi Meyers, Coldwell Banker: Looking back, with all of the knowledge that I have have gained over the years, I would say the one thing I would coach my young/new agent self on is remaining consistent and maintaining a great database. I was not taught how important it was to create and work your database. The lack of that caused my business to have major highs and lows over the years. Once I got the hang of that and learned how to consistently touch my sphere of influence – through mailings, emails, newsletters, social media, postcards and other forms of communication – my business not only increased, but it allowed me to stay in front of clients that I sold previously, which resulted in them calling me back to sell their current home and upgrade them to a bigger home. New agents: Learn that quickly; it could save you a lot of headaches, anxiety and panic.

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