5 New Green Building Innovations for New Construction in 2016

by Rincey Abraham


The National Association of Homebuilders’ annual International Builders’ Show has become a platform for top and emerging brands to showcase the most innovative technologies in the industry today. Following the trend of sustainable building, which has almost become a new standard, green technologies were front and center at this year’s show.

Here are five of the newest green building technologies – all nominees of the Best in IBS Awards at the NAHB International Builders’ Show – that agents should know about:

1. Retrax Solar Solutions, Aquarius Brands – Though solar roofing technology is attractive to eco-conscious homebuyers, it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Howard Ullman, CEO of Atmospheric Water Solutions, asserted that there were four problems with solar: “It’s expensive to install. Once it’s installed on a roof, we may need roof repair. Most home owners cannot install them on their own once they’re installed; and if you sell your house, you just left your solar.”

Retrax Solar Solutions is Ullman’s answer to those problems. The product comes folded, pre-wired and can be activated in less than 30 minutes. The panels can be transported by truck or aircraft, and no scaffolding is required.

2. SelectCycler Whole House Ventilation System, Panasonic –  An effective ventilation system can make or break a homebuyer’s decision; after all, if air is not ventilating properly, heating and cooling systems will not run optimally.

SelectCycler is a clean, safe and energy-saving air ventilation system that operates in two modes to bring in fresh air and achieve the lowest cost per HERS point.

3. iComfort S30, Lennox – The modernist homebuyer may look for smart home technology that delivers ultimate comfort.

iComfort s30, using geofencing monitoring technology, promises consumers ultimate home comfort. The smart technology automatically adjusts the temperature based on whether or not you are within the geofence.

Additionally, iComfort s30 measures outside temperature and humidity, monitors air quality based on ZIP code and automatically turns on the fan to clean the air when needed.

4. FLEXpower Radian Grid/Hybrid System – Outback Power Technologies, Inc. – Homeowners with FLEXpower energy storage system can sell their surplus energy back to the grid, which can help significantly reduce utility bills. Energy can be used whether the sun is out or not, which saves costs during times of the day when there is peak energy demand.

5. SL80/81 – NanaWall – A movable, folding full glass wall structure, SL60/81’s NanaWall is a walling system for those homebuyers looking to get the best of the outdoors inside their homes.

NanaWall’s technology offers homeowners natural light, insulation and unobstructed views of the landscape surrounding their home.

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