The Short List: Winter Baserva on Providing Stellar Customer Service

by Atlanta Agent


Winter Baserva is the team leader for Seasons Realty Group in Roswell

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Winter Baserva, the team leader for Seasons Realty Group in Roswell, for her tips on how to provide stellar customer service to your clients.

7. Have Relationships with Your Clients – No, I’m not referring to the fake kind. You need to really get in your clients’ world and be their friend. I have never sold a home to a client before; rather, they have all been prospects who turned into friends during the process. Remember –people do business with people they like.

6. Do Your Homework! – Whether it’s previewing the home and making sure it meets your clients’ needs or putting together an extensive data compilation to help a seller understand their home’s value, never wing it, and always do your homework. Be the professional they expect you to be. Remember – documentation beats conversation!

5. Be Flexible – Go where the appointment goes; do not be rigid in what you feel you need to accomplish, and make the clients’ needs your only priority.

4. Stop talking and Start Listening – As a sales professional, you have two ears and one mouth; therefore, listen to your clients.

3. Make it about them – Always!

2. Always Tell the Truth, (the Good, Bad and Ugly) – I have seen so many agents in this market who, when trying to get a listing, outright lie to a seller about how much their home should be sold for. That does not serve the seller and it does not serve you, and you will end up losing the business because of your inauthenticity. I would rather lose 10 home sellers to telling the truth than ever get one based on a lie.

1. Know Your Contract Law – Knowing the law better than your competition, and being able to support your client in the process because of that fact, will really serve your clients’ best interests. I study the law in and out, and I cannot believe how many agents fill out “forms” without any idea of what the words behind them mean. Knowledge is power. Get in the know!

Winter Baserva is the team leader of Seasons Realty Group in Solid Source Realty in Roswell. A 10-year veteran of Atlanta real estate, Winter is the only agent in Atlanta to be featured multiple times on House Hunters, and has been a market segment specialist for CNN and guest speaker on Business RadioX. Seasons Realty Group sells approximately 100 homes per year, and has been the No. 1 team at Solid Source Realty since 2012.

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