3 Facebook faux pas savvy agents should avoid

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Are you one of the many agents underutilizing their Facebook page?


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Free to use and easily accessible, it’s no wonder that the website now boasts 1.59 billion active users worldwide.

However, as is often the case with free products, the vast share of individuals who use Facebook are not doing so effectively, and that adage holds particular truth for real estate agents. Simply, most agents are not using their Facebook pages to their true potential, and below, we’ve spotlighted the three essentials that all agents should have on their pages.

1. Incomplete Information – This would seem like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised by how many real estate agents skimp on personal details in their Facebook profiles.

Consider, for a moment, this image:


That is one sad, empty profile, and it does little to communicate the many important things that prospective clients can learn from a robust “About” section.

For instance, agents can use the space to share: their current city, and thus where they primarily practice real estate; the brokerage they are currently affiliated with; the languages they speak; the professional traits that best define them; and, most importantly of all, their contact information. Without any of that information present, visitors to your Facebook page have nothing to work with, and are apt to click away to another page.

2. Dull Photography – Forget listing photos for a moment. Does your Facebook page have a professional, flattering headshot as its profile picture? And what about the cover image? Is that something memorable? Here is another image to consider:


That does not inspire confidence, does it? Thankfully, it is increasingly uncommon to encounter Facebook pages without basic photos, but again, make sure they are good photos. Headshots from the mid-90s with bad hair and worse clothing do not really scream “top producer,” and neither do fuzzy cover images of dubious origin.

Think on similar terms when sharing listing photos to your Facebook page. How do those photos reflect on you as an agent? Are the photos well lit? Are the interiors clean? Is there anything embarrassing in any of the photos?  The process behind creating good photos is something we have covered in detail in the past, but in the context of a Facebook page, it is important to consider how the photos fit with the overall feel of the page.

3. Leaving out the Special Hot Sauce – You have a fully updated profile with relevant information and recent, vibrant photos, but guess what? So do many other real estate agents in your market.

This is where you throw on that special hot sauce to really make your profile pop. Some options include:

  • A “Featured Listings” Facebook app, which allows visitors to see your listings without scrolling through your timeline.
  • A fun weekly feature – maybe on Wednesdays, you share an interesting housing-related fact?
  • Contests, with some kind of prize
  • Local promotions involving nearby businesses

The possibilities are endless!

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