Ebony King details how real estate agents should brand their business

by Atlanta Agent


Ebony King is the associate broker of Ebony King Real Estate with Virtual Properties Realty

Atlanta Agent (AA): You’ve recently embarked on a re-branding of your business. What kinds of things would you recommend agents do, when they are aiming to brand their business?

Ebony King (EK): I would stress the importance of digging deep and assessing what they would like to offer clients, other business professionals and other business partnerships, because it is very important for any agent to brand themselves for industry recognition. Having great contacts and associates connected with their brand allows other people to see their quality, and forming your own brand can help with long-term goals for the success of your business.

I pride myself on being a dream-pusher and a joyful person. I try to bring cheer everywhere I go. I’m big on providing for people, and it trickles down into my business partnerships and my clients. I incorporated all those elements when I did my branding for my logo. I am very active in my sorority. Our colors are pink and green, and I think it’s a very fun, happy color scheme. Many people know how active I am, and we do many activities for the community; so, I played on those colors with my logo. And because my last name is “King,” which is a bold name, I incorporated that into the logo as well.

AA: How does social media play a role in branding efforts?

EK: I found a great niche in social media. What I do – particularly on Facebook, though I’m expanding my reach – is I try to spread my cheer when I’m utilizing my brand. I know there are many eyes on me, so I am showing myself and spreading cheer, whether it’s going to the closing table with balloons or celebrating the process of homeownership with my clients, as well as celebrating the relationships I have with my strategic partners.

I was excited that when I did my launch event, one of my sponsors was able to come, but one was not, and they were discussing the amount they wanted to sponsor. Well, after the event, they were so impressed with my branding and how everything went that they doubled their sponsorship. I thought it was an accident when I saw the money! They followed it with an email, though, saying they recognized my hard efforts, and it made me feel really good; I felt that they truly wanted to be associated with my brand. I am going to continue developing that brand in a positive way, and will get the word out.

AA: Finally, talk with us about client service. How do you ensure that you are delivering the finest service to your clients?

EK: I make myself very accessible to my clients. Usually after a transaction is complete, my clients become more like family to me. I try to create a warm environment for them to disclose things to me if they want, and when I was speaking at my business launch event, I told my clients that I know they are personal with me, that they open their lives to me, and that I do not take such trust lightly.

Throughout the homebuying process I surprise my clients with little notes or tokens associated with their process to help to celebrate this high achievement. I also take pictures along the way and share those pictures with them, so that they can share with their family and friends. I personalize my closing gifts to reflect things that I have learned about them throughout the process. I also continue my connection after the process is over, especially because out of all of the real estate professionals they could choose in Atlanta, I am grateful that they chose me.

Some specific examples of delivering the finest customer service to my clients include: for one of my closings, I was able to set the closing on my clients birthday, and I included in her closing gift a homemade birthday cake. She was so excited, and I was unsure if she was more excited about the cake or the new house! Another level of customer service that I have provided is one of my clients is set to retire soon, so I submitted a request for her retirement to be recognized by The White House. It will be a great keepsake for her, something that she will cherish forever. It is the little special details that you learn about your clients that go a long way with them when they realize you were listening to them all along.

Those type of bonds help to create something beyond the level of client and customer relationship. It will help to foster new business and repeat business, which ultimately, in return, will help to grow your business.

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