Young homebuyers still seek traditional layouts — but with flexibility


Add one more item to the list of differences between Millennials and Baby Boomers: how they choose to use their dining room.

The Taylor Morrison Consumer Survey asked 1,000 U.S. adults to describe how they use a home’s existing dining room. The data showed that while millennials are less likely to use their dining room for its traditional function, 65 percent of millennials were interested in having a dining room for a more unconventional purpose. Of those Millennials who have bought a home in the past three years or who are looking to buy a home within the next three years, 30 percent currently designate this space for something entirely different. The three most popular alternative uses were office, game room or craft room.

But when Baby Boomers were asked to describe how they use their current dining room, 8o percent said they use it for its intended purpose.

Homebuilders can conclude that this younger generation of homebuyers are still seeking a home with a traditional layout, but enjoy the flexibility of defining their own space.

Also of note: Millennials are seeking certain features when searching for their next home: better energy efficiency (62 percent), floor plans that can be personalized (58 percent) and easier maintenance (56 percent). Inside the new home, the most popular features were wood flooring (65 percent), USB and Ethernet ports (44 percent), a whirlpool tub (36 percent) and sun room (34 percent).


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