How to Shoot Real Estate Photography Like a Pro

by Atlanta Agent

High-quality photographs are at the heart of any property’s marketing plan. Listings with professional quality photos attract 90 percent more leads.

Great photography will also help buyers make an emotional attachment to the property. Conversely, poor photography can lower the perceived value of a property and even cause buyers to reject a listing appointment. Whether they take the photos themselves or hire a professional photographer, successful agents understand how to make certain photographs more appealing than others, and know what the pros do to ensure high-quality listings photographs.

In the latest AgentEDU course, industry-renowned VHT Studios shares insights learned from their decades of experience and teach agents how to shoot real estate photography like a pro.

In this video, you’ll learn the importance of shot composition and how to compose a photo that will showcase your property’s highlights and catch the eyes of homebuyers.

Watch the full course, “How to Shoot Real Estate Photography Like a Pro,” sponsored by VHT Studios at AgentEDU: http://www.agentedu.com/courses/how-to-shoot-real-estate-photography-like-a-pro

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