Atlanta ranks for its eco-friendly homes


Atlanta ranked as the No. 8 city for homes with eco-friendly amenities, according to a recent study by realtor.com. The study found that 20 percent of homes on the market in Atlanta are considered “green” — meaning they have one of seven environmentally friendly features, such as bamboo floors or solar panels.

Buyers are increasingly interested in green homes with 61 percent of recent homebuyers saying in a recent NAR survey that they are interested in green living and more than 70 percent saying it increases a homes value.

In Atlanta, the median price per square foot (PPSF) for homes without an eco-friendly amenity is $121.50, while the PPSF of a home with an eco-friendly amenity is $132, meaning that green Atlanta homes have a 9 percent higher PPSF than homes without environmentally friendly amenities.

Atlanta also came in at No. 4 for top metro markets with programmable thermostats, one of the seven specific features analyzed by realtor.com.

Fort Collins, Colorado was the highest ranking city for earth-friendly amenities — 36 percent of homes on the market are considered green, and the PPSF difference between homes with and without a green amenity is zero percent.

Just ahead of Atlanta on the top 10 amenities list was Salinas, California, coming in at N0. 7 — with 21 percent of homes on the market boasting a green amenity. The PPSF for a green home in Salinas is actually 14 percent lower than the PPSF for a home in the city without a green amenity.

“Many buyers have come to expect standard features, and homes integrating specialty green features are becoming more mainstream. However, in today’s inventory-starved market, location still reigns supreme and the price of land can easily override the allure of special eco-friendly features,” said director of economic research for realtor.com, Javier Vivas.

To check out the complete top ten list for green homes, see the chart below.

Rank U.S. Metro Percentage of
Metro median
price per
square foot
Feature median
price per square
Price per
Square Foot %
1 Fort Collins, Colorado 36% $170.40 $171 0%
2 Dallas-Fort Worth-
Arlington, Texas
35% $139.10 $144 4%
3 San Jose-Sunnyvale -Santa
Clara, Calif.
35% $738.90 $701 -5%
4 San Antonio-New
Braunfels, Texas
34% $128.80 $130 1%
5 Tulsa, Okla. 33% $96.70 $115 19%
6 Boulder, Colo. 25% $257.70 $267 4%
7 Salinas, Calif. 21% $498.50 $429 -14%
8 Atlanta -Sandy Springs –
Roswell, Ga.
20% $121.50 $132 9%
9 McAllen-Edinburg- Mission, Texas 19% $93.20 $107 15%
10 Santa Cruz- Watsonville, Calif. 17% $565.70 $544 -4%

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