How Owners.com is Redefining The Agent Experience

by Chicago Agent

By Amy S. Carden, Owners.com

Changing the customer experience seems to be all the rage in other industries — from Über in the ground transport business to Airbnb in the accommodation sector. But for real estate, customer engagement has stayed pretty much the same. So has agent participation. But, what would happen if a brokerage broke the mold when it came to their agents, and thus affected their customers, too?

Angela Kates, chief of staff and head of agent experience with Owners.com, explains that as a modern, tech-forward brokerage, Owners.com is at the forefront of this real estate revolution, specifically for their agents.

“Owners.com supports agents by connecting them directly to premium clients who are ready to buy, providing cutting-edge technology, and offering transaction assistance. This combination really allows agents to do their jobs better,” said Kates.

“A tech-savvy agent can use our arsenal of custom-designed tools and technology to complement their individual strengths in local knowledge, sales, and relationship management. This allows our agents to create a tailored encounter for their customers and make the buying or selling process more efficient,” she said.

Helping agents succeed is what drives Owners.com to innovate this industry, said Kates. “We are in the trenches with our agents — helping them establish their businesses and grow. When they win, we win. So we’re constantly looking for new ways to help them flourish,” she explained.

One tool that Owners.com has developed recently to help their agents succeed is the tour manager technology, available online and via mobile. It allows potential buyers to schedule showings and automatically notify their agent. This makes the process easier, creates more efficient communication, and increases the chance a buyer will be the first to see a home.

Another new feature at Owners.com is the unique search algorithm, which allows buyers to select preferences — like ‘fenced-in backyard’ or ‘corner lot’ — and see homes ranked according to these criteria. With this kind of personalization, buyers can tell exactly how well each home would fulfill their needs and agents can clearly understand their clients’ preferences.

Serena Miller, an Owners.com agent specializing in Atlanta, encourages her clients to use the preference search tool on the site or app.

“My clients love this aspect of Owners.com search. They can find exactly the right house, or see how well a specific house measures up to what they want or what they may want in the future. It makes looking for the perfect house easier for everyone because I know exactly what they want in a home,” she said.

Another feature Owners.com created for agents to give them a simple way to recap home tours is the tour report. Miller says she uses the tour report feature to assuage confusion and make things easier for her clients.

“The tour report allows me to immediately send a summary of a home we just visited. I can include images, notes and rate the house based on their feedback. It helps keep my buyers organized,” she said.

Working with a tech-enabled brokerage like Owners.com, agents have the tools necessary to guide home buyers through the more complicated parts of the process.

When agents blend this available technology with their local market knowledge and a high level of professionalism, it can only lead to quicker sales, better relationships, and a thriving business. In turn, it creates a unique experience on- and offline for consumers.

Owners.com is a technology driven brokerage at the forefront of the real estate revolution. With local real estate expertise, financing and closing services and unique digital experiences, Owners.com and its affiliates offer a complete real estate solution that strives to anticipate and fulfil the dreams of home buyers and sellers.  For more information or to contact a local Owners.com real estate agent, visit Owners.com or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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