Winter Baserva


Winter Baserva

Associate Broker
Solid Source Realty, Inc.

Winter Baserva is a leader in the real estate industry. Her success during one of the worst economic recessions in her lifetime is a testament to her skills and passion for real estate. She credits her extensive experience in corporate marketing for her record of selling clients’ homes for what is frequently a higher list-to-sell price in often fewer days than other real estate agents. She and her team sell an estimated 100 homes each year. Those achievements have garnered Baserva accolades such as No. 1 Overall Top Producer or No. 1 Team for Solid Source Realty, Inc. for the past five consecutive years, and have led to her being the only Atlanta agent featured on HGTV’s “House Hunters” multiple times, in addition to appearances on CNN and in publications like The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Interior Design and Time.

Though Baserva’s talent for showcasing homes is well known, her willingness to devote herself to client service and engage with buyers and sellers as an active listener is what sets her apart. “My clients always say that I truly listen to them, that I don’t push my own agenda and that I empower them with the tools they need to make an informed decision,” she says. “I really listen to their wants and needs, and I feel that’s truly a lost art.” This approach illustrates Baserva’s practice of prioritizing her time and energy for her clients’ needs rather than her own, which has established her reputation as an agent who does what’s right for her clients. “It has to work for my clients in order to work for me,” she says.

After 11 years in the industry, Baserva counts many long-term client relationships among her greatest achievements. Rather than being what she terms a “one and done agent,” her business is frequently repeat and referral-based because she treats clients like family. Baserva takes pride in knowing that obstacles like the economic recession have not prevented her from accomplishing her professional goals. “I jumped into this industry when everyone was jumping out!” she recalls. “Everyone told me that I would fail, but I was able to rise to the challenge, sell a record-breaking amount of homes that year and be featured on HGTV all in my very first year of real estate. I realized that you can have anything you truly want with the right determination, mindset, drive to succeed and putting your customers first.”

Specializing in homes inside the Perimeter and the surrounding suburbs, this Roswell native gives back to her community through supporting organizations like the Center for the Visually Impaired and the Have a Heart Association. An expert negotiator, Baserva’s personal motto – “How may I have the opportunity to serve you?” – speaks to her commitment to doing everything she can to meet clients’ needs. As she puts it, “The best part about being in this business is the people, and being able to operate out of a place of service. I’m so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to serve my clients in an industry I absolutely love. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in this exciting and wonderful business.”