Holly Walther, Senior Mortgage Broker, Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee NMLS# 507972

Holly Walther & Team Mortgage, Powered by Success Mortgage Partners, NMLS #130562

Holly Walther has spent the last 21 years mastering the mortgage industry. She’s ranked in the top 5 percent of lenders nationally; was named a Success Mortgage Partners Executive Club member; has been recognized by the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia as a top lender every year since 2011; and this year, in July, accomplished her career-long goal of opening a Success Mortgage Partners branch. It’s a testament to her character and principles as a business person that she credits the opening of her branch not to her hard work and dedication, but rather, to her clients and the partnerships she’s formed with real estate agents. “I cannot thank them enough,” she says.

As both the branch manager and senior mortgage banker, Walther is responsible for her team of six; she describes the bunch, though, as more of a family – an attitude she also applies to how they handle borrowers. “We are here to walk our clients through the lending process, every step of the way,” she says. “But our relationship does not end at the closing – that’s only the beginning. They become a part of our family.” Walther says that after a closing, her team becomes a lifelong resource for that client, whether that means helping with a future refinancing or simply settling a curiosity. “We want to be their lender for life.”

The way Walther ensures her team’s approach is successful is through proactive, meaningful communication – and not only with clients, but with all parties involved, from agents to attorneys. The goal, she says, goes beyond keeping everyone in the loop. It is to preempt questions with insight – educate clients as they go through the process, so they’re never wondering what to expect next. “Thinking ahead is the only way to make sure our clients have the best experience possible,” Walther says.

Walther’s branch is indiscriminate in its service, catering to all variety of borrowers, regardless of mortgage amount. “In the last 12 months, we’ve helped newlyweds, move-up buyers, empty nesters, investors, veterans, relocating families, and everything in between,” she says. Walther’s team’s ability to serve such a diverse array of clients is evidence of their mastery of both the mortgage market and the products offered within.

What keeps Walther striving to continue building her business is her husband and three boys. “They are why I do what I do every single day,” she says, calling them her “No. 1 inspiration.” But Walther is something of an inspiration herself – or at least she hopes to be so. She has built a successful business; she’s disciplined enough to make it to the gym at 4:50am every day; and over the holidays, she works with the corporate office of Success Mortgage Partners to help adopt and provide for needy families in the Metro Atlanta area.

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