Is This Commission Better Than Cash?

by Chicago Agent

A man was arrested in Colorado for shipping weed to his agent; have we struck upon a new business model?!

As Slater puts it in “Dazed and Confused” – “That’s what I’m talking about, man!”

A Colorado man shipped 12 pounds, or $18,000 worth, of marijuana to his real estate agent.

According to an Associated Press blurb, the Rehoboth Beach Police, who promptly arrested the man for drug trafficking, said the real estate agency contacted them after an employee opened the package and discovered the drugs. Cheech and Chong would be proud.

The commissions model has been tweaked numerous times, with many a discount firm opting to charge flat service fees rather than charge a strict commission. Yet, this is the first truly half-baked commissions model we’ve ever come across.

Of course, we’re not alleging anything; there are no details for why the drugs were shipped to the office. Anyway, what are your hypotheses for real estate’s little trek on the pineapple express?

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