5 Tips for the Introverted Real Estate Agent

by Chicago Agent

Extroverts may be the majority, but introverts can still thrive in a social environment.

Extroverts make up 60 to 75 percent of the human population, and occasionally, it can seem like introverts – the other, more subtle side of the equation – are left behind.

Which is a shame, because even though real estate is a social, service sector profession, not everyone who works in real estate is necessarily an extrovert. But have no fear, introverts! Chicago Agent has your interests in mind, and we’ve got five excellent tips for your networking operations.

  1. Start Out Slow – As our “Scene” section testifies on a weekly basis, there are quite a few events out there for the real estate professional, but if you’re new to networking in a social arena, it’s best to start slow. Consider one, maybe two starter events, and see how those go; you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with events right out of the gate.
  2. Start Out Small – As many events as there are, quite a few are large scale, with dozens upon dozens of professionals in attendance. Though such events are ripe with potential, they can also be daunting, so consider smaller scale gatherings to build some initial contacts before tackling the big monsters.
  3. Stay Within Your Interests – If you’re interested in art, think about attending some lectures at the Art Institute, but if you’re not much of a cook, don’t sign up for that Ethiopian cooking class at the local culinary school. You’ll naturally thrive in environments where you have innate interests.
  4. Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends – Amidst all these events and social arenas, don’t forget your friends and sphere of influence! They’ll always be the most straightforward, source for new contacts, and they can easily put you in touch with others.
  5. Be Prepared – Once you start networking, Now, we’re not saying you should walk around with notecards, but make sure you know what you’ll say and in what order. A little preparation can go a long way.

Introversion is not an impediment for success; it just means taking the road less traveled, and with those steps, you’ll be well on your way.

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