5 Homebuyer Turn-Offs to Avoid like the Plague

by Chicago Agent


There are many details to consider when showing a home, but avoid these homebuyer turn-offs as aggressively as you can!

By Peter Ricci

Showing a home is a delicate balancing act, one where dozens of itty bitty components must all be in perfect working order. Of course, it can be easy to overlook a detail or two while planning for a showing, but there are definite homebuyer turn-offs that you positively must avoid – and in our kind, generous way, we’ve decided to share them with you.

Homebuyer Turn-Offs – The Senses

A prospective homebuyer’s sensory perception of your listing will play a huge role in how they respond to the property, and our first three turn-offs relate to the senses.

1. Uncleanliness – Dirty floors; greasy kitchens and stove tops; stained carpeting; messy bathrooms; oh yes, we’re talking filth! This should go without saying, but go above and beyond in your cleaning of the home and make sure everything is sparkling, especially the home’s windows. Prospective buyers love to gauge the house’s views, and suffice to say, that will be a challenge with dirty windows.

2. Noxious Smells – Whether it’s laundry, food or even the remnants of all those cleaning supplies you just used, get rid of any powerful scents and opt for a pleasant, unobtrusive smell to the property; Glad wall sockets or Febreze are inexpensive options.

3. Clutter – Once the house is clean, start looking into how its arranged. How is the furniture laid out? Is that shelf too burdensome? And what about all that obnoxious fruit on the kitchen table? Buyers love accessible, open living environments, the kind they can place their own aspirations into, and busy spaces make such imaginative thinking a challenge.

Homebuyer Turn-Offs – The Sellers

Our last two tips deal with the home’s sellers, who should have a non-existent footprint when it comes to your showing.

4. Personal Items – First of all, get rid of all their personal items, from pets, to baby toys, to photo albums. Remember how we just mentioned a prospective homebuyers aspirations? Well, dozens of photos of the sellers, with their own children and experiences, will make it mighty hard for the buyer to picture their own experiences in the house.

5. The Sellers Themselves – The sellers may mean well; they may insist that they can sell the property’s finest attributes to the potential buyers. But no – they must not be present, if only because of the sheer awkwardness they can create for the buyers. Is anything more uncomfortable than a seller leering in the corner, while a buyer explores an area? Alright, maybe square dancing, but not really!

Those are our five, but what other homebuyer turn-offs do you try to avoid when showing a property?

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