Estately Study Finds White House The Reigning Presidential Crib

by Chicago Agent


The homes of Obama and Romney are impressive, but an Estately study shows they don’t compare to the legendary White House.

By Natalie Terchek

With both the presidential election and real estate in the headlines, an interesting Estately study compares the homes of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – though the residences of neither candidate, the study found, can compete with the White House.

Estately Study Statistics

According to the Estately study, Romney’s five homes reach across 34,692 square feet, while Obama’s one house is 6,243 square feet. Approximately 5.5 Obama homes can fit into the Romney estates. However, the White House is far bigger at 55,000 square feet.

Romney and Obama both have impressive amenities. Obama has a 1,000 bottle wine cellar and a third floor ballroom. And Romney is planning on expanding his beach home in La Jolla, CA to include an elevator for his cars. But once again, the White House has the most amenities with a bowling alley, basketball court, missile defense system and lasers for security and a home brewery in a closet.

Romney’s estate is worth $32 million, Obama’s is worth $1.6 million, and the White House is worth $100 million. The average American home value is $221,800.

However, the White House lacks one thing: interesting neighbors. Actor Cheech Marin lives near Romney’s former Utah winter home. And Obama’s neighbor Tony Rezko, former adviser to Governor Rod Blagojevich, is currently serving a 10-year sentence for fraud and bribery.

For the full infographic of the Estately study, see below:

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