Missed Opportunity: Private Rental Listings

by Peter Thomas Ricci


D.J. Paris is the president of sales and marketing for Kale Realty.

One of the biggest missed opportunities for brokers is obtaining rental listings. While most of us got into real estate to help people buy and sell homes, there are always going to be more renters than buyers. Many of these owners and property management firms are struggling to find renters and could use your help.

How to Find Listings?

Use Craigslist! If an owner is online, they’re using Criagslist. Simply search the apartment section for listings that appear to be from owners, not brokers. I found 30 in five minutes doing a search for “Lincoln Park.”

The Pitch

“Hi, I am calling about the two-bedroom. Is it still available? Great! Are you the owner? My name is D.J. and I’m a broker from Kale Realty. I work with clients every week who are looking for apartments like yours. I would love to help you get it rented. There’s no fee to work with me until and ONLY if I find you a renter, and you approve them. If I find you a tenant that you approve, my firm will ask for one month’s rent. Is that acceptable?”

In most cases, the owner will accept your commission structure and not work with another broker. Remember, owners know other owners, or may even own multiple buildings. Make 20 phone calls. You’ll have around seven conversations and get at least two listings. Good luck!

D.J. Paris is the president of sales and marketing for Kale Realty. To learn more about their 100 percent commission plan, please visit http://joinkale.com.

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