How Are Your Potential Clients Searching For You Online?

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Find out how people search for real estate agents on Google and other search engines.


It’s no secret that people are searching for real estate agents online. They pull up Google on a laptop, iPad or cell phone and search to find real estate agents in their area. We know that potential clients are using online search engines. But HOW are they searching? What are your potential clients searching for on Google? What do they type into the query box to find your website?

There are so many ways that people search for different products and services online. It’s important to know how your clients are trying to find you so that when they type in a keyword in the query box, your website comes up on Google.

I conducted some basic keyword research to find out what people are searching for to find real estate agents on Google. Keyword research gives insight into the amount of people searching for keywords in a search engine. A keyword is any word or group of words that someone types into the query box of a search engine. An example of a keyword is “real estate agent Chicago.”

Here’s what I found:

•Your Potential Clients Search for Agents, Not Companies – The search volume, or number of people searching, for “Chicago real estate agents” is much larger than the number of people searching for “Chicago real estate companies.” Words like agencies, firms and companies are all searched for less than agents. This may demonstrate that people in Chicago are more interested in finding individual agents over real estate firms or agencies.

Your Potential Clients Search By Neighborhood – The idea people search for real estate agents by neighborhood may not be surprising to someone in the real estate industry, however, from an SEO perspective, this is a significant observation.

For example, I found that the keyword “Lincoln Park Chicago real estate” has high search volume. In most industries, we don’t see neighborhoods like Lincoln Park or River North come up in keyword research with significant search volume. In real estate, it matters, and people search for agents by Chicago neighborhood.

Commercial is Greater than Residential? – If you look solely at the search volume data, the answer to this question is yes. Much more people search for “commercial real estate Chicago” than “residential real estate Chicago.” However, after reviewing the data, I believe it’s fair to assume that most people searching for residential real estate agents simply don’t use the term “residential” in their search. They may search using keywords like “Chicago real estate services” or “Chicago Lakeview real estate” instead, which do have significant search volume.

Search engine trends and keyword search volume offers invaluable insight into the consumer. The next step is to take this information and apply it to your own online marketing strategy. I could tell you to insert these keywords into your website’s copy, title tags, header tags and such, but SEO is tricky and most of the time, it should be left to an expert.

The key takeaway here is to understand your online client. Learn how they search so you can be found.

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