Being Your Own Brand: How Agents Should Effectively Market Themselves

by James McClister


Since 1996, Susan Kliesen, a long-time real estate agent, has been working under the brokerage umbrella of RE/MAX, selling general residential properties and, more recently, distressed and short sale foreclosure properties. She’s battled through economic dips and market fluctuations, including the 2008 economic crisis; yet, despite historically depressing odds, Kliesen has still managed to make every year one of growth and prosperity for herself and her supporting team. In 2010, she was even named Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors’ (NAMAR’s) “Realtor of the Year.”

How does Kliesen account for her continued success? In addition to hard work, what keeps Kliesen at the top of her regional field year in and year out is the overall stability and general respectability of her own, personal brand.

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