The One-Stop Shop: How Brokerages Offer Clients Many Services Under One Roof

by Peter Thomas Ricci


If the term “real estate agent” were in the dictionary, there’s a very good chance that “multi-tasker” would be one of its synonyms. After all, real estate agents are not only finding homes for their buyers and buyers for their sellers, but also following market trends; dealing with the emotions and demands of their clients; negotiating with other similarly driven agents; and on top of it all, navigating the labyrinths of rules and regulations the govern the lending, title and appraisal dimensions of the process.

In short, there are many, many things that agents have to juggle with a typical transaction, and it’s no surprise that many brokerages have begun offering in-house services to alleviate the pains of such multitasking and allow agents to focus on their true bread and butter – the men and women who bring them their real estate business.

So to get a better grip on how the one-stop brokerage model works, we spoke with a couple of noted real estate professionals from unique brokerages of different sizes and clienteles on how one-stop models help their business, their clients and the industry.

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