Viewpoints: David Flax, Owner, Window Genie of Atlanta

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David Flax is the owner of Window Genie in Atlanta.

Every week, we ask an Atlanta real estate professional for their thoughts on the top trends in Atlanta real estate.

This week, we talked with David Flax, the owner of Window Genie in Atlanta, for some perspective on windows in residential homes – and how they will shape housing in 2015 and beyond.

Atlanta Agent (AA): How much value do quality windows add to a listing?

David Flax (DF): They add a lot. Windows can get very expensive when they need to be replaced. The most common issue is foggy windows, which is caused by the seal failing in the insulated unit. A standard sash of a double hung can cost as high as $300 each. That is something both Realtors and buyers should look out for when negotiating a price and/or repair. Also, having clean windows significantly increases the curb appeal of a property.

AA: Are there any industry trends with windows that agents should be aware of?

DF: In the Metro Atlanta area, most homes are now over 10 years old. The average life expectancy of an insulated glass unit is 10 years. That happens when window seals begin to fail. If you see one, you can expect many more to begin failing shortly thereafter.

AA: Finally, where do you see windows heading, in the next few years, in terms of design?

DF: We are seeing that newer windows are often containing “false grids,” which simulate the look of older multi-paned windows and are permanently glued to the glass. When broken, these become very expensive to replace and are extremely difficult to match-up with existing windows. These “false grids” are purely cosmetic and provide no other benefit to the owner.

David Flax can be contacted at: 1815 Hembree Rd. Suite 314, 678-535-7770, http://atlanta-metro.windowgenie.com./

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