How inequality is distorting the housing market

The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University (JCHS) recently released its annual State of the Nation’s Housing report for 2019. For more than 30 years now, JCHS has put out a comprehensive report on trends in the

Will upcoming changes in the VA help disabled vets get the housing accommodations they need?

Safe, practical housing for disabled veterans is an issue anyone regardless of political affiliation can get behind. Wisconsin Representative Bill Foster perhaps best summed up the bipartisan dedication to this demographic of Americans saying, “We owe these heroes a

What real estate agents can do to help create a beautiful and functional kitchen

Heather Scruggs, the merchandising manager at Trendmaker Homes, is always keeping up on the latest trends in home construction and renovation. Here, she tells agents what they need to know about kitchen design to help seller clients get the

4 tips on working with international buyers

Reaching international buyers is paramount to success in some markets. While many agents spend money on print and other advertising in foreign cities, by and large the best bang for your buck is to begin fostering relationships with local

What real estate brands can learn from the ecommerce industry

When the retail industry started to move heavily into the digital sphere, it had to learn some hard lessons before it could flourish. All the old tricks that had worked with brick-and-mortar stores had to be reviewed. But since

5 issues faced when inheriting a house

The recent death of legendary singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin initially posed a quandary for her four surviving sons. Because she didn’t leave a will, her $80 million fortune – including Franklin’s numerous real estate holdings – likely will take longer

Four questions your clients should ask before buying a vacation rental home

Have clients interested in renting out your yurt, tiny house or couch? Now there are several options homeowners have to make extra income. For those looking to purchase a second home, often called a vacation rental home, renting out recommends social media tips for growing your real estate brand

Ok, so you didn’t get into real estate to become a social media guru. And maybe you don’t even like being on social media. Get over it! Engaging on social media doesn’t have to be yet another arduous marketing

How agents use technology to get everything done in the workday

Time management is an area where nearly every real estate agent has room to improve. Real estate agents have a ton of different tasks to manage — from marketing to open houses to closing paperwork — and it can

Reflecting on Atlanta’s evolution: A Q&A with Bob Begle, principal urban designer of Lord Aeck Sargent

As Atlanta continues to grow, the city itself is needing to evolve in order to work for the demands of the modern resident. Bob Begle currently is the principal urban designer at the architecture and design firm Lord Aeck Sargent.

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